Andrew Funk - Creating social change through his Power of Being


Andrew Funk is an example to follow to create social change through your Power of Being. He is the founder of #HomelessEntrepreneur, a global NGO based in Barcelona that is generating social awareness around the world.


“Positive change can only take place once we have the right knowledge, so we can recognize how to participate actively in true change.”

Andrew Funk

Being homeless can happen to anyone. A sudden situation can turn our lives around abruptly. We can find ourselves in a homeless situation within a blink of an eye. This is what happened to Andrew. 

Andrew became homeless after his business crashed. However, he turned his situation around. He believed in himself. His positive-impact mindset, #pimindset, helped him find the way out. Not only that, he discovered that he could help others do the same. That’s why he founded #HomelessEntrepreneur.

Andrew is a socially-conscious change maker: He lives by who he is and what he creates. Andrew is very passionate and a firm believer that you can change yourself and your personal/professional situation if you commit to doing so. This is the essence of his organization.


“#HomelessEntrepreneur’s success is based on active citizenship and job opportunities, which promote sustainable solutions to ending and preventing homelessness.”

Andrew Funk

The NGO empowers homeless people, so they can use their skills to create a new life for themselves. #HomelessEntrepreneur does not oblige anyone to join their program. Homeless Entrepreneur is there for anyone (with certain exceptions) who actively seeks their support. It’s a place where they receive the network, resources and tools needed to become active, working citizens again.

Andrew works all year around to create awareness in society regarding homelessness. He assists events around the world to attract media that highlights this issue on global scale. He hosts monthly sleepouts to raise conscience, funds and create change regarding homelessness.

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