Katerine Gutierrez - Preserving our Traces of the World through her Power of Being


Katerine Gutierrez is a socially-conscious change maker and the founder of “Traces of the World”, an online designer community and shopping platform with amazing contemporary pieces for today’s conscious women created by designers and communities respecting cultural and ancestral traditions.

Katerine empowers local communities of women to adjust their designs and creations to the contemporary world, enabling them to sell their garments worldwide and increase their earnings without changing their ancestral traditions and production techniques.


“A huge inspiration for me is to be able to transmit all the values of these traditions to the conscious consumers aware of the impact of their purchase decisions.”

Katerine Gutierrez

Katerine is a global citizen, born in Spain from a Cuban father and a Spanish mother and raised in The Netherlands. Her mother’s background is in the fashion industry where Katerine has learned many of her skills, reinforcing them through her professional career in Belgium, The Netherlands and Paris.

Some years ago she started her journey into “Traces of the World”, following her call to express and reinforce the values that for her are important by empowering artisans with what she loves to do: designing clothes. Being a multicultural person, Katerine understands the importance of respecting the ancestral and traditional values of textile creating techniques and methods.


“Traces is inspired by the colours of the indigenous communities, in these creative women who express their soul through the textiles they create.”

Katerine Gutierrez

She studied the Mexican ancestral weaving traditions and techniques by working and collaborating with a southern Mexican community of artisans and designer women to learn to integrate these values and offer a product to the modern women that preserves and respects these ancestral weaving techniques. She has taught the local indigenous communities and designer women to utilise their techniques and methods to entangle the worlds and the cultures, and to exchange experiences, values and ideas, co-creating what today is her designer line called “Traces”. Each garment is identified by the woman who has created it, which makes each piece unique. In addition, it allows the conscious consumer who bought the garment to know who has produced it and that through her buying, she has empowered a certain woman artisan in this world.


Traces of the World was born with the global vision to integrate international communities of women into one platform and to empower them through their traditional work.

Traces of the World was born with the global vision to integrate international communities of women into one platform and to empower them through their traditional work, whilst providing conscious consumers a place to buy clothes that not only empowers communities, but respects ancestral traditions. Katerine’s project is part of who she is. Her platform and designs evolve as she evolves. Katerine follows her Power of Being to reinforce her project and the designers and women she empowers. The platform is thought to include other designers who respect traditions and empower artisans around the world.

Katerine is a socially-conscious change maker who preserves our traces of the world through her own being and doing: Power of Being. We love what she does and who she is and we support her in her quest of creating a better world for all of us, by uniting our traditions, values and cultures.

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