We are socially-conscious change makers!


We are a special breed of social entrepreneurs, who need a special kind of community!

We are change makers who

  • Have come consciously aware of the need that there is around us,

  • Change the world by starting with ourselves, 

  • Integrate spirituality into our lives,

  • Develop our projects through our own evolution.

We are different!

  • We are authentically ourselves,

  • We are willing to act upon our beliefs,

  • We evolve to become who we are meant to be.

We are not alone!

  • We connect, inspire and support each other

  • We co-create to reinforce ourselves and others

  • We create positive impact through who we are and what we create

We are passionate about what we do!

  • We change the world through our own change,

  • We believe in ourselves and in what we create,

  • We develop who we are,

  • We evolve through spirituality and love.

We positively impact!

  • We follow our intuition,

  • We create our change,

We are entrepreneurs, employees, contractors,… we are socially-conscious change makers!

We co-create the Positive Impact Movement through connection, inspiration, collaboration and support.

What about you?

Are you a Socially-Conscious Change Maker like us?

Come and join us! We’re here to co-create with you!

  • We inspire you,

  • We collaborate with you,

  • We support you!

This community is all about YOU, connecting, empowering and mutually supporting each other.