#PiMovement for #PiMakers

by YouTooday 


We are #PiMakers: Positive Impact Makers.


We are human-beings positively changing the world.  We are unique and powerful, we live our lives with passion and values.

We inspire and encourage others to create and spread their stories, to enhance their commitment with people and the environment, to create value through Human Values and to support those who already work for our world. We improve Positive Impact for our planet.

People Inspiration Movement

We #PiMakers generate the #PiMovement. The world needs Leaders and Organizations with Human Values that inspire by example.

We, together, transform this world into a sustainable world for all. Together we are limitless!


Are you a #PiMaker?

#PiMakers thrive for freedom. They are free souls searching for freedom in today’s system

#PiMakers are inspirational leaders, they are empathic and their hearts lie next to their minds.



A movement of transformation that breeds in each of us.

This is not a political nor a religious movement. It ́s a transformation movement that breeds in each one of us. Giving and sharing whom we are to assist and empower others through our own growth. It is a philosophy of life, which once it ́s rooted in us, it expands to our family, friends, community, etc. achieving the transformation of what surrounds us. 

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Committed to inspire and positively impact.

It's paramount that each of our community members feels he/she's a partner in the #PiMovement. If the #PiMaker (person, acting alone or within a company or organization) feels it has been an actor of a social action, this will positively affect him/her and will generate a greater commitment to action, creating a force for Good.

People's commitment can only be generated if they are happy. If they trust and feel they are part of the exploit. We want you to feel you belong to a network of people like you, who are seeking peace by being and living their truth. We are committed to generate the spirit of fellowship, for all of us to work with greater strength, gratitude and commitment. 

Join us in this movement of transformation.

Be part of this community of #PiMakers who with their passion and values transform this world into a better place for all. 

Together we are limitless!

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