A movement of Positive Impact Makers #PiMakers

by YouTooday 

We are a global community of #PiMakers designed to empower, connect and inspire conscious People around the globe to increase Positive Impact. Together we are limitless!


#PiMaker’s main features

Conscious human-being

Loves what it does, acts based on what it is

Capacity of taking risks for what it does

Has a Positive Impact mindset

Tracking record of Positive Impact through social involvement

Leader with values

Understands the importance & need of collaboration

Inspires others through its passion

What about You? Are you a #PiMaker?


#PiMakers [Pimeikers] Positive Impact Makers: Conscious human-beings who live to the purpose of being and doing what they are, inspiring and positively impacting their surrounding, and ultimately, the world.


We are #PiMakers: Positive Impact Makers.


PiMov.org - the People-Inspiration movement - is a place where we #PiMakers get together to empower, connect and offer others the opportunity to collaborate (co-create) and get socially involved through the services (workshops, sessions, support, etc) and products we offer and mostly, through our power of being and doing what we are.

We are conscious human-beings who with passion inspire & positively impact the world with who we are & what we do. We are unique and powerful, we live our lives with values, passion and Positive Impact mindset #PiMindset®.

We inspire and encourage others to create and spread their stories, to enhance their commitment with themselves, society and the environment, to create value through Human Values and to support those who already work for our world.

We improve Positive Impact for our planet.

People Inspiration Movement

We #PiMakers generate the People-Inspiration movement. The world needs Leaders and Organizations with Human Values that inspire by example. We, together, transform this world into a sustainable world for all. Together we are limitless!


A movement of transformation that breeds in each of us.

This is not a political nor a religious movement. It's a transformation movement that breeds in each one of us. Giving and sharing whom we are to assist and empower others through our own growth. It is a philosophy of life, which once it ́s rooted in us, it expands to our family, friends, community, etc. achieving the transformation of what surrounds us. 

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Committed to empower, inspire, connect and positively impact.

People's Positive Impact is born from their knowledge and connection to their Self, lead by their understanding that the positive change they want in their society and environment starts from within. This Positive Impact mindset generates an enormous positive energy that results in the transformation of our world through the attitude, values, passion and work of these People, the #PiMakers.

Join us in this movement of empowerment, mindset and inspiration.

We are committed to generate the Positive Impact mindset in each of us to empower, connect and inspire and work with greater Positive Impact, strength and gratitude. 

Be part of this community of #PiMakers who with their Positive Impact mindset transform this world into a better place for all. 

Together we are limitless!

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