What I learned from India...


I’ve been travelling around in colourful India for around 4 weeks.
I had planned my trip to reinforce the Positive Impact Movement and it certainly turned out to be successful. But as it usually happens, the outcome is different than what I had expected: it is even better!


PiMov is not an organization, it is a movement

One of the main teachings that the trip gave me is that the PiMov is not an organization, it is a movement created by each of the people that belong to it. They, individually, are the ones that define the community through the sum of their beings and doings (social impact initiatives).

In meeting people and projects during my trip, I came to understand that for us, in PiMov, socially conscious difference makers are individuals who have found their Why, they have this inexhaustible energy that drives them to work on their purpose. As such, they are true givers by heart, have a Positive Impact mindset and have certain values that are very important to us: Respect, integrity, humility, honesty, authenticity, courage, purpose and positive impact making.

Some of these difference makers have social impact initiatives which are not sustainable yet (we call them PiMindsetters) and others have successful social enterprises that are positively impacting their communities (we call them PiMakers). All of them serve as inspiration to others wanting to positively transform their communities with their purpose and work.


There’s a deep need to understand that we are not alone when creating positive impact in this world!

Looking around I discovered, that there are many of them with amazing and positive impactful ideas, who are struggling because they feel alone and/or do not find support for their social impact initiatives. That’s why the movement is so important to me. There’s a deep need to understand that we, PiMindsetters and PiMakers, are not alone when creating positive impact in this world!

Nonetheless, we are many thinking and acting alike to improve our planet. I know that together we can positively transform our communities and ultimately the world, through connection, collaboration and mutual empowerment.

Let’s join to together create this amazing positive impact making force!

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