Movement of socially-conscious entrepreneurs

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We, socially-conscious entrepreneurs with passion and purpose, need a community that knows our needs, beliefs, values and purpose; a tribe that empowers and unites us.


We want to belong, come together and inspire by example

Our positive impact mindset, leadership with values, beliefs and Whys are important to create impactful and successful businesses. We want to belong, come together and inspire by example. 

We need to save those groundbreaking ideas getting dropped by those who feel they are alone and without any support. Together we lead the positive change. 

Startup communities and summits look into the projects. They forget about us, the people behind the projects, we are the ones that ultimately determine the project's positive impact: internally and externally. 

Current systems are based on wealth and power. Entrepreneurs are guided to create companies that they can sell, following the examples of Google, Amazon and Apple. Value systems are forgotten and individuality is highlighted by the education based on competition and by technology that retrieve people behind machines.

We are the force of positive impact making. Together we are limitless!

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