This is me


This is me: Jeannette Meier, sometimes also “JEM”, always a #PiMaker.

I am here.

I guess it’s important for you to know who is behind this movement. Just someone like you, living by being Who I Am, trying my best to follow my dreams, being and feeling free for What I Am.

I am learning every day and so I hope to continue for so many years to come.

I have created this movement because I believe in People. I believe that we are powerful human-beings and I believe in the Truth that we have in each of us. We are so powerful that we are able to move mountains when we believe in Who We Are and what we want to Be. We do so through our passion, and passion is what inspires. Inspiration is what empowers others to be What they Are and Do what they Love, generating such a powerful force of positive energy capable of positively impacting our surrounding and ultimately, our world.

So, here I am, creating with you and sharing with you What I Am.

I’ve figured out that I should write you here about myself, about Who We Are and about my planned trip to interview and show you #PiMakers around the world. Such beautiful and powerful human-beings creating such a wonderful world!

I will share with you whatever I can. I am experimenting and learning. So please keep in mind that I am new at this. I have to overcome some fears regarding putting myself in the spot. I know I will manage with the help and support of you. I just feel that it’s part of what I will Be and of what we are creating together.

Thanks so much for being here, from the deepest of my heart.

With lots of Love,


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