Our deepest gratitude


We are hugely grateful for what is happening to us and the movement we are co-creating with such amazing souls who we call the #PiMakers – Positive Impact Makers.


Howard Weinstein is the personification of what a #PiMaker is

We’ve been busy building the PiMov.org community: A place where #PiMakers get together to empower, connect and offer others the opportunity to collaborate and get socially involved through the services (workshops, sessions, support, etc) and products they offer and mostly, through their power of being and doing what they are.

Howard Weinstein is one of these #PiMakers. He’s the founder of an amazing social business called Solar Ear. He is the personification of what a #PiMaker is. We cannot avoid getting emotional about his story, about the way he looks into life and about what he does through what he is and the love he shares. He’s an incredible inspiration for us. 


Howard offers knowledge and support to any PiMov member wanting to set up a Solar Ear business

People like him create and positively change this world. He offers his knowledge and support to anyone wanting to set up a Solar Ear business. He has offered such a gift to any interested PiMov member and we cannot avoid getting emotional for this wonderful soul and for the tremendous gift the Universe has given us for crossing ways in our lives.

We are deeply grateful to have him in this community. THANK YOU Howard.

Find here the #PiMakers’ interview with Howard Weinstein 

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