Toti Roger - a Dream Warrior sharing his Power of Being around the world


Dreams, love, happiness and resilience can be put together to define one person: Toti Roger, a #PiMaker. With his Dream Warrior truck and his nomad circus, he travels around the world bringing joy to children and parents, whilst collaborating with local artists. Toti lives through his dreams, sharing his Power of Being through who he is and what he does.


“We are women and men who express our will for social transformation with a personal commitment, considering that a better world is not only possible, but it is necessary.”

Toti is the founder of the charity “Somriures Nòmades” (Nomad Smiles), who with his music creates a nomad circus for the children and parents around the world to enjoy; "Smiles" because with them he works to improve the world, "Nomads" as he maintains the perseverance to approach the realities and people of the different continents.

Toti is a Positive Impact Maker who believes in the union of all human-beings, recognizing that we are all inhabitants of the same planet. Toti’s strong personality wrapped with humbleness, passion and love immediately touches the hearts of whoever he encounters. Toti does not only dream, he converts his dreams into reality. He does that by travelling on a truck with dogs and friends who join him in his journey:

“We walk with affection, peace, friendship, joy, trust, and the abundance of possibilities ... And from this small and joyful revolution that accompanies us we move on with perseverance”

Toti’s work relies on collaboration: Linking with locals is vital and necessary to understand the context, the social reality and the local worldview, thus creating a suitable and consensual joint intervention for the success of the play-pedagogical project. His collaborative approach highlights:

  • The desire to learn about the local artistic reality, to learn from it and to create together,

  • The vindication of the cultural heritage of the people through audiovisual support,

  • The possibility to become an itinerant platform that receives and allow artists from around the world to find and work together,

  • That local collectives are undoubtedly the ones who know best their community.


“There are people who do not dream ...

Others do not do it for fear of what they dream...

There are few who face it and they bet everything for their illusions.”

~ Jordi Vila (Toti’s friend)

Toti has been travelling since 2010 with his Dream Warrior truck, allowing him and his team to travel autonomously and transport the entire educational and logistics team. It is also equipped with solar panels, electronic navigation systems, an electricity generator, which allows him to have energy wherever they perform.

Currently travelling around Colombia, Toti continues sharing his Power of Being to humanity. He resiliently travels from town to town, performing his projects to children and parents, whilst interacting with local artists to highlight their cultural treasures.

Toti is an example for many of us to follow our dreams, to resiliently work on what we love, and to let our personality thrive and be freely expressed, positively impacting by being who we are and doing what we love.