Martin Rutte - Co-creating Heaven on Earth evoking the Power of Being


Martin Rutte, an international speaker and consultant, who for 15 years has explored people’s vision about the world they long to and written the book “Heaven on Earth Project”, is a #PiMaker. He evokes the Power of Being of each of us by assigning to us the responsibility to bring Heaven on Earth through our own change and collective purpose.


“I believe that as we enter this third millennium our job is the conscious creation of Humanity’s New Story, namely, Heaven on Earth”


3 simple questions that will help you change the world:

1 – Recall a time when you experienced Heaven on Earth. What was happening?

2 – Imagine you have a magic wand and with it you can create Heaven on Earth.
What is Heaven on Earth for you?

3 – What simple, easy, concrete step(s) will you take in the next 24 hours to make Heaven on Earth real?

Every human-being knows what Heaven on Earth is. Martin boosts us, human-beings, to look into our own lives and our place in the world. He impulses us to understand that it is up to us to change the world the way we want it. Change does not happen just because; lasting change happens through own change, through our actions that create determined results.

Martin is a socially-conscious human-being, a Positive Impact Maker, who understands that we humans need to shift our paradigm; Move from the divided vision of the world into the unity of all, where humanity is ONE.

Totally in sync with PiMov, Martin understands the importance of individuality (oneness) and the need of collaboration (multiplicity); He knows that we cannot change the world without our our own change, our freedom to be who we are and create with love; He knows that we need a common purpose based on our Power of Being, a purpose that is defined by the co-creation of all of us striving toward the same goal of creating Heaven on Earth (Positive Impact Making). Martin inspires us to together create a new model of coexistence, a new collective purpose for ourselves:

“Heaven on Earth is our Destiny.”

“Many of us are aware that we have a life’s mission, a life’s purpose. But what we, as Humanity, haven’t consciously known and are now beginning to remember, is that all of us have a collective vision and a collective purpose. We’ve just never before had the collective consciousness, technology or aware interconnection to begin operating from it.”

Together we are limitless!

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