Patricia Jean Fleming #PiMover


“Unity, though concerned with the larger group, is birthed by individuals when we’re at our compassion-filled, authentic best.”

― Laurie Buchanan, PhD

“My first encounter with The Positive Impact Movement was via MeetUp where the following two hashtags waved a hand of kinship and spoke to me words my starved ears happily heard: #powerofbeing and #togetherwearelimitless. This was all I needed – I was in! Then followed a delightful Zoom meeting where we got to know each other and share our purpose and visions.

My purpose fits snuggly within PiMov self-empowerment values. I look forward to collaborating and providing any inspirational support that I can while increasing my own project’s communications – rippling the water in never decreasing circles.

We all have so much to give and receive and I can’t thank Jeannette enough for having listened to and followed her inner guidance which has made this collective possible.

Life is not about debating what came first, the hen, or the egg, but, it is about being in the moment and learning to work with either the hen or the egg. Seeing them for what they are and caring or nurturing as required to produce your desired result. Where better to do this than with like-minded people who care about society and the world we live in?”

~ Patricia Jean Fleming