Homelessness exists. Opportunities too!


Andrew Funk has discovered through his own experience that anyone can fall into homelessness. He has overcome his situation by engaging in entrepreneurship and has become a socially-conscious change maker. He is the founder of the NGO #HomelessEntrepreneur.

#HomelessEntrepreneur provides homeless people with resources, tools, knowledge, a network of supporters, and dignity to help them become the professionals they were before, be it as an employee, entrepreneur, or business owner.

Their approach is based upon the simple ethos that the world can be changed helping one person at the time.


“Having an entrepreneurial spirit is the best way to become an active citizen again!”

Homelessness exists everywhere and in every city. It is a social issue. The good news is that opportunities exist to solve and avoid it and you can become part of this movement of change!

How can You help?

You can support the organization in different ways.

#HomelessEntrepreneur hosts monthly sleepouts in which you can participate to raise social awareness, funds and create social impact in your city. Their goal is to build strong, local communities of people and organizations who care about creating sustainable jobs and dignified housing solutions for and with homeless people in cities.

It’s up to you!

Discover more about how you can help on HomelessEntrepreneur.org