the Movement of Positive Impact Making 


We are co-creating the most empowering, collaborative and evolving community for the socially-conscious change makers to scale their positive impact into sustainable projects #powerofbeing #togetherwearelimitless


We positively impact the world through authenticity, purpose and collaboration by empowering you and your project, and connecting, inspiring and supporting you through our empowering, collaborative and evolving community: PiMov.

We integrate the 7 Roots of Potential™ framework of evolution into our community for you to evolve with us in the spiralling quest of positive impact making.


What about You?

The most important thing behind a project is You!

What if the degree of your impact depends on your capacity to evolve your own Self?


We are focused on empowering you to develop the capacity to be resilient, collaborative and take courageous action to facilitate the impact you live for.


Our community is an empowering, collaborative and evolving community to access your potential allowing you to collaborate in an evolutionary co-creation towards positive impact. Its content nurtures the community and generates a spiral of evolution through individual learning, sharing and understanding, application, support, collaboration and execution towards desired results.

We activate the Principle of Evolution in everything we do


 We see a world with EMPOWERED socially-conscious change makers who inspire and get inspired, who empower and get empowered, who support and get supported and who collaborate to strengthen their Power of Being to become Positive Impact Makers.

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We’re committed to empower you and to together inspire, collaborate, support and positively impact the world.

People's positive impact is born from their knowledge and connection to their Self, lead by their understanding that the positive change they want in their society and environment starts from within.

This Positive Impact mindset generates an enormous positive energy that results in the transformation of our world through the attitude, values, passion and purpose of these socially-conscious change makers.

We’re committed to empower you through the 7 Roots of Potential™ framework of evolution to positively and sustainably impact through who you are and what you create.

Through our empowering, collaborative and evolving PiMov community, we connect you with like-minded others who inspire and support you in your quest of positive impact making, who collaborate with you through their projects and who, together with you, co-create the Positive Impact Movement.


“In the end you are your own best guru—your life is your guru. As you need them, special individuals may appear to help you find the road that leads to the road. But these are not your only teachers. Everything that happens to you is your teacher. The secret is to learn to sit at the feet of your own life and be taught by it.”

~ Polly Berends, author of Whole Child Whole Parent


Get inspired!


the Community

Joining the movement leads you to become part of a community of socially-conscious change makers who understand your concerns, needs, values and intentions, as well as your challenges and pain points.

We provide you with empowerment, inspiration, support and a collaborative space for socially-conscious change makers who want to scale their impact by evolving themselves.


As a member, you will receive monthly webinars specifically centred on evolving your power of being, monthly podcasts (where you have the opportunity to be featured), monthly live streaming conversations, monthly Virtual Coffee sessions, the opportunity to feature your project and offer mentorship to other members, and be part of a growing organisation of consultants and coaches supporting socially-conscious leadership to evolve in other organisations*

*Please note that specific services are offered only through separately paid courses.



A movement of transformation that breeds in each of us.

This is not a political nor a religious movement. It's a transformation movement that breeds in each one of us. Giving and sharing whom we are to assist and empower others through our own growth.

It’s a way of living, which once it's rooted in us, it expands to our family, friends, community, etc. achieving the transformation of what surrounds us. 


We co-create the Positive Impact Movement


We are socially-conscious change makers.

We have come consciously aware of the need there is around us. 

Our projects start forming when we start changing our own attitude and patterns to improve what we want to change. 

We know that our projects will impact, because they are based on our own change.

We risk anything to convert them into a success, because they are directly related to our own survival. 

Our projects are an extension of who we want to be in the world.

Together we build sustainable socially-conscious projects.

We co-create the Positive Impact Movement. 


Alone, we may struggle, but together we are limitless!


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