A movement of Positive Impact Making 


We’re co-creating the most empowering and emotional, structural and financial support path for you, the socially-conscious change makers, to transform your purpose into sustainable positive impact projects!

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We positively impact the world through authenticity, purpose and co-creation by connecting, inspiring and supporting socially-conscious change makers.


Get inspired!


What are Positive Impact Makers (PiMakers)? [pi-aɪ-ˈmeɪkərz]

Socially-conscious change makers who have come consciously aware of the need that there is around them and who change their surrounding by starting with themselves, developing their spirituality and Power of Being - freedom to be who they are and create what they love - positively and sustainably transforming the world.

What about You?

Are you a socially-conscious change maker who wants to sustainably positively impact the world through your idea or project?

Do you feel alone, because you think that there's no one else around you with the same passion and belief system?

Join us! You are not alone!


We recognise your needs, beliefs, values and purpose; Together we positively impact the world through authenticity, purpose and collaboration.


We co-create the PiMov: the Positive Impact Movement


We are socially-conscious change makers.

We have come consciously aware of the need there is around us. 

Our projects start forming when we start changing our own attitude and patterns to improve what we want to change. 

We know that our projects will impact, because they are based on our own change.

We risk anything to convert them into a success, because they are directly related to our own survival. 

Our projects are an extension of who we want to be in the world.

Together we build sustainable socially-conscious projects.

We co-create the Positive Impact Movement. 


Alone, we may struggle, but together we are limitless!


Be Supported!

We support you in becoming a Positive Impact Maker


A movement of transformation that breeds in each of us.

This is not a political nor a religious movement. It's a transformation movement that breeds in each one of us. Giving and sharing whom we are to assist and empower others through our own growth.

It is a philosophy of life, which once it's rooted in us, it expands to our family, friends, community, etc. achieving the transformation of what surrounds us. 

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Committed to connect, inspire, collaborate, support and positively impact.

People's Positive Impact is born from their knowledge and connection to their Self, lead by their understanding that the positive change they want in their society and environment starts from within.

This Positive Impact mindset generates an enormous positive energy that results in the transformation of our world through the attitude, values, passion and purpose of these socially-conscious individuals.


A Welcome from Founder & PiMaker

I warm-hearty welcome you to the Positive Impact Movement - PiMov. I’m glad you’re here!

I am a socially-conscious change maker. I’ve come aware of this when starting up my social enterprise YouTooday.

We socially-conscious change makers differentiate from social entrepreneurs in that our ideas and projects are very aligned to our own change.
We’ve come consciously aware of the need that there is around us and we’ve decided to take action by ourselves.
What we create is based on who we are and what we love to do; we positively impact through our Power of Being.
Our projects evolve as we do, we continuously check upon what’s happening around us, to adjust it and find the solutions.
We work for ourselves and the people and communities we serve.
We follow our purpose, values and vision of what we want in this world.
We believe in collaboration, because we know that coming together with like-minded others reinforces ourselves and the others.
We co-create the Positive Impact Movement.

What about you? Join us!

With Love, Jeannette
— More about me on: jeannettemeier.com