#PiMakers [pi-aɪ-ˈmeɪkərz]: Socially conscious human-beings following their heart and purpose, positively and positively and sustainably transforming the world by who they are and do, awakening, empowering and inspiring people.

We all should thrive to be #PiMakers for the sake of ourselves and our planet. Join us and we'll support you in this transformation!

  • A world where we all know our truth, where we all live with passion by who we are and do, where we are free to express, communicate and share.

  • A world where we all honour and look into ourselves and the ones we have around, where there is love, compassion and respect towards ourselves and our community.

Be the change you want to see in the world! Join us!


The Positive Impact Maker

The differentiation Factor

Socially conscious difference makers following their heart and purpose

Leaders with values

Have a Positive Impact mindset

Understand the importance & need of collaboration

Inspire through action, passion & experience

Have a tracking record of sustainable Positive Impact through social involvement

Do you want to become a force of Positive Impact Making? Join us!