We all should thrive to be #PiMakers for the sake of ourselves and our planet. 

  • A world where we all know our truth, where we all live with passion by who we are and do, where we are free to express, communicate and share.
  • A world where we all honour and look into ourselves and the ones we have around, where there is love, compassion and respect towards ourselves and our community.
  • A world with:

Conscious people; spiritually, socially & environmentally


People who understand the needs in the world & the problems we are facing


People who believe that they can be part of a positive change

Empathic and respectful people understanding that we all should have equal opportunities to grow & expand


People who know themselves and who know that change starts within


Positive, inspirational people, who serve as example for others to awaken and become #PiMakers


The Positive Impact Maker

The differentiation Factor

#PiMakers are people who live with passion, because they have found their truth and purpose. 

#PiMakers are conscious human-beings who are loyal to themselves.

#PiMakers risk what it takes to defend what they do and are. 

#PiMakers are ethical with entrenched positive values, which they express with passion through each one of their pores.

#PiMakers are open-hearted and compassionate beings, directly involved in social and/or environmental issues that affect their surrounding and communities. 

#PiMakers are natural givers who openly and transparently share their knowledge for the well-being of others. 

#PiMakers love to co-create to together enforce positive changes for common goals and evolution of the whole.