We are socially-conscious individuals, who recognize your needs, dreams and purpose; through our community we connect you with like-minded others to inspire, collaborate and support you through authenticity, love and experience.

JEANNETTE MEIER  Founder & PiMaker


Founder & PiMaker

FIONA ENGLISH  Strategic Advisor and Mentor


Strategic Advisor and Mentor

LAURA SACRISTÁN  Junior Project Manager (volunteer)


Junior Project Manager (volunteer)


We share our passion and purpose through this movement and its community. We respect your authenticity and freedom. You are powerful by being who you are and limitless by getting together with us, like-minded others.


“I firmly believe in the Power of Being: This is the freedom to be who we are and to create with love. Through it, we learn to respect and value our authenticity, we create change from within and expand our bright light outwards, positively impacting with passion.

My purpose is to lead a universal movement of positive impact making. I know I cannot do it alone. That is why I've created PiMov. I've come to understand the need we, socially-conscious individuals, have to connect, collaborate, get inspired and be supported by like-minded others.

I hope that one day this movement spreads all over the world, to every corner of our planet, creating this amazing positive impact making force: Together we are limitless! “