We are a movement of socially-conscious individuals, who recognize your needs, dreams and purpose; through our community we connect you with like-minded others to inspire, empower and support you through our authenticity, love and experience.

We share our passion and purpose through this movement and its community. We respect your authenticity and freedom. You are powerful by being who you are and limitless by getting together with us, like-minded others.

LAURA SACRISTÁN  Project Manager


Project Manager

JEANNETTE MEIER  Founder & PiMaker


Founder & PiMaker

FIONA ENGLISH  Strategic Advisor and Mentor


Strategic Advisor and Mentor


We work with passion and enthusiasm together with our Members to create a community of socially-conscious individuals and entrepreneurs, empowered and supported by connecting and interacting with like-minded others and to be inspired by those already successfully positively impacting through their purpose and passion, leadership with values, positive impact mindset and sustainable social enterprises. We call them the Positive Impact Makers (#PiMakers). 

You are not alone: We are many thriving through our dreams and purpose, we are many changing ourselves to create better communities and environment. We support you emotionally in your quest of creating Positive Impact.

We provide financial and structural support through our Mentors, who are Members or Partners with experience in these areas. Collaboration is key for us: Partnering helps strengthen the projects to become successful social enterprises.

We believe that each of us, human-beings, have the power to positively impact this world by being who we are and through it, creating with love. 

Working on our purpose, together with like-minded others, expands our positive impact outward and in a much stronger way into our communities and ultimately, our planet.

Together we are limitless!