Inspiration - Collaboration - Support

Together we inspire and support each other, we collaborate for the common goal of Positive Impact Making, reinforcing who we are to build sustainable socially-conscious organizations: What we do is the outcome of who we are.


We bring like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs together, respecting their authenticity and creations (ideas, projects, work, tribes, movements, etc) to inspire, collaborate and support each other.

#powerofbeing #togetherwearelimitless


Inspiration the act of drawing in

As the meaning of inspiration relates to our own survival, we correlate this concept to our own survival of finding our freedom to be who we are and create what we love.

To do so, we interview socially-conscious entrepreneurs who might be in their quest to create sustainable positive impact projects or who have already succeeded in doing so.

No matter the stage of the idea, project or work, because what matters is the socially-conscious human-being behind it. People who positively impact through their own change, with passion and purpose for improving communities or our environment, with values that relate directly to themselves and an amazing positive impact mindset that converts them into resilient and passionate Positive Impact Makers.



Collaboration to work jointly with others

We promote collaboration within the PiMov community and outside of it. We aim to connect socially-conscious individuals to together create positive impact ideas and projects.

Collaboration is key to enable a world that is unitedly working toward the common goal of Positive Impact Making; We promote collaboration through the implication of any socially-conscious individual who wants to collaborate with our community by:

  • Identifying problems that need to be addressed;

  • Sharing positive impact ideas for specific problems

  • Proposing possible strategies to reinforce socially-conscious projects



Support to provide a basis for the existence

As the meaning of support relates to the basis of the existence, so does the support we provide to our Members: socially-conscious entrepreneurs need emotional, structural and financial support to survive; their ideas, projects and work relate directly to their own purpose.

We work with passion and enthusiasm together with our Members to create a community of socially-conscious individuals and entrepreneurs, who have come together to connect, collaborate and support each other.

We work with our Mentors to offer the financial and structural support that our Members need. Together, we empower and support them around the globe to reinforce their purpose and create sustainable socially-conscious organizations.