“PiMov is about empowering people like me

I am a socially-conscious individual and entrepreneur

I follow a purpose. The majority of us following our purpose have come consciously aware of the need there is around us. As socially-conscious entrepreneurs our project starts forming when we start changing our own attitude and patterns to improve what we want to change.

We struggle in finding support, because we and our projects fall outside the line of conventionality. We feel alone, because we think that there's no one else around us with the same passion and believe system. 

I learned that first hand developing my own social enterprise. There must be thousands like me and some enterprises that never make it because of a lack of support. 

We need a community that knows our needs, beliefs, values and purpose; a tribe that connects, empowers and supports us. I believe that through connection, mutual empowerment and emotional support we sustain and reinforce our efforts and impact. That is why PiMov exists.

We know that our projects will impact, because they are based on our own change. We risk anything to convert them into a success, because they are directly related to our own survival. Our projects are an extension of who we want to be in the world.

I know personally what it is like to have this drive and I know there are many more like me who need a community. I fully believe that with the correct framework and collaboration we can make lasting change.

Alone, we may struggle but I believe together we are limitless.


How can you support PiMov?

We are creating a powerful force of Positive Impact Making by connecting, empowering and supporting socially-conscious individuals and entrepreneurs, with their ideas, projects and work. We believe that this is the strongest way to positively impact.

Maybe you have not yet found your purpose, but still want to help to make the change happen and collaborate with us to grow faster. 

You have the opportunity to donate some of your time or make a contribution to increase Positive Impact in an effective way. 

All donations are secured by PayPal, you can choose your preferred credit card and any amount is welcome. Donations will be used exclusively to build this community. We will communicate any donations we receive through this site.

We can’t thank you more for this gesture.

We are seeking Mentors: If you are interested in supporting socially-conscious entrepreneurs and their projects through your expertise, contact us or send us an email!


We'd be extremely grateful if you could walk with us in this quest

We'd be extremely grateful if you could walk with us in this quest. Any support would be incredibly amazing to us!

It is your passion, values and positive impact energy that empower us to continue working for a just planet. Together we are limitless!

THANK YOU for your trust, from the deepest of our hearts!