Our Values

Our values make us be coherent with who we are, what we do and what we communicate.



Self respect and respecting others regardless of differences; treating others with dignity, empathy and compassion; and the ability to earn the respect of others.


Moral courage, ethical strength, and trustworthiness; keeping promises and fulfilling expectations.

Integrity is the way of our truth; it’s respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, honesty, ethics, etc. It’s doing the right thing by what we think is right.


Consistency, congruency, and transparency in values, beliefs, and actions; integrating values and principles to create a purposeful life and to contribute to the growth of others.


Humbleness, dignity and an awareness of one’s own limitations; open to perspectives different from one’s own.


Honesty is very intertwined with humility. You are who you are and don't need to feign. As such you are honest with yourself and life.

Honesty is based on truth and on the ability to respect yourself and who you have around. Being honest is a fundamental asset to generate trust and respect.


Possessing a strength of self to act with intention on behalf of the common good; taking a stand in the face of adversity; acting boldly in the service of inclusion and justice.


Commitment that extends beyond one’s own self interest; personal humility for the sake of a greater cause.

Positive Impact Making

Personal efforts that lead to making a positive impact on individuals, systems, and/or organizations or positively affecting outcomes.


Our Principles