The success of #PiMakers relies in believing in themselves and in finding their meaning and purpose. 


The below is just an example of a story. Our aim is to add and share YOUR story! Contact us, and let us know about you #PiMaker.


Jeannette Meier, YouTooday.


I firmly believe that the world can be transformed if we are truthful to who we are and collaborate to create a better place for all. Together we are able to generate the change we need in this world, and I also believe that the change starts from within. Life isn’t easy, but if we have the possibility to be part of an universal movement, then why not participate?! 

I consider myself a lucky woman. I have been traveling around for a while; I would say all my life. I guess I have been searching for a place to call home. Now, I not only found my place, but I also found myself, the real “Home”.

I have learned many things throughout my life and I hope it’ll continue like this. I also can now say that I have found a purpose in my life:  I want to lead a movement that generates positive impact over the planet. I know I cannot do it alone, and I am sure that individually we do not reach the common good. We just must use the Power of Togetherness. That is why I have founded YouTooday and created the #PiMovement.

I hope one day this movement spreads all over the world, to every corner of our planet empowering People and expanding their Positive Impact for a sustainable and just world for all.

“Together we are limitless.”

— YouTooday