The Impact Business Base


Project type: Social enterprise

#PiMaker | Mentor: Rianne Klein Geltink


"We believe there is a Revolution upon us. And this is the Rebel Base."

The Impact Business Base says NO to businesses that put profit over people & planet.

How does The Impact Business Base help You to positively impact?

"It’s the place where socially minded people from the traditional business space link arms with new social impact entrepreneurs to make a dollar AND a difference."

The Impact Business Base is a completely online membership site that'll help you get from where you are to where you want to be in social impact business.

Who is it For?

  • Still searching for your social impact business idea?

  • Struggling with the 'balancing act' between making a dollar AND a difference?

  • Can't get the time and support you need to survive while figuring out the business?

  • Can't figure out how to bring your impact business to the next level?

 Join Rianne and us in this Positive Impact Movement!

You'll find the support you need for the development of your a social impact business from the Mentors of this community!