Authenticity's Academy


Project type: Social enterprise

#PiMaker | Mentor: Elena Rodriguez Blanco

"This is THE leadership course I WISHED I had when I first started. It’s a step-by-step immersive experience of how to be a transformational leader."

"Every time I have facilitated this people's lives are transformed, and the level of understanding gained makes you see another layer of life. This is why I only do one of these courses a year. They are so deep and impactful I only like to do it for those people who are truly committed. So if you’re like me and feel it is your calling to step-up and bring transformation into the world one dream at a time then it’s your time. I want people to be the BEST version of themselves in leadership. PERIOD"

~ Elena

How can Authenticity's Academy help You to positively impact?

Authenticity's Academy redefines leadership. 

If you have been wanting to uplevel your career, entrepreneurship, and are looking for answers, this course will give you clarity, focus and a renewed, deeper vision.