Laura Flames


#PiMaker's Interview

Affiliated Project

Title: Founder

Category: Empowerment, Coaching

Countries/Regions: Spain

Languages: Spanish, English



How we met Laura

Laura lives and works in Barcelona. She's been a friend and an incredible guide for Jeannette, our founder, in her journey of knowledge and empowerment of self. As Jeannette says: "Your projects come from who you are, they evolve as you evolve. So, it's important that you get to know who you are to do what you love." 

Laura is a #PiMaker like us

"My life is full of funny stories, sometimes even hard, which have been fitting as different pieces of a puzzle and giving sense to my life and my profession. At first, most of them seemed jokes of destiny.

Every difficulty I experienced was a preparation towards enjoying my passion: deciphering the mysteries of life, learning how to transform emotions and ovecoming boundaries continuously. And to turn it into my profession... 

... I worked for years in the corporate world at a multinational company reaching a managing position. But one day something inside me told me that that was not what I wanted."