Howard Weinstein



Social Impact Project

Title: Founder

Category: Social Enterprise

Countries/Regions: Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Botswana, South Africa, Egypt, Russia, China

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish



How we met Howard

We met Howard through RESI - Rotary e-Club for Social Innovation - of which Jeannette, our Founder, is a member. Howard presented his project "Solar Ear" as a guest speaker. Jeannette got immediately attracted Howard's presentation and the possibility of him being a #PiMaker, because of his vision of life, his arguments and the way he talks about his team and company.

Following this, we had conversations with him and got to know him better. We are extremely honoured to have him in our community, because Howard is a #PiMaker by heart and soul. He is a real inspiration and example to follow. Someone to respect and love. 

Howard is a #PiMaker like us

Howard shared with us this article "Silence Breaker" by LEGAR Consulting, Brazil.

Mentor, H, W, PiMakerYouTooday