Fiona English



Fiona is a Coach and Business Consultant with a background in Investment. She works with both young companies at start-up phase and more mature businesses to ensure their business model is evolving to suit ever-changing market conditions. 

“The problems we face in the world are many. It’s time to shift our mindset from business being the problem to business being the solution. The way to make lasting change is to come together and use business and commercial ideas and resources to implement change for a better world” ~ Fiona

Fiona also has a huge interest in Positive Psychology, the science behind what makes individuals and communities flourish and is currently completing a Msc. in the subject. Her interest lies in Spirituality and its impact on wellbeing. She believes if we can connect first with ourselves, we are better able to connect with each other and together we can make a better world. 


How we met Fiona

Fiona and Jeannette met at a business breakfast in Barcelona. They knew immediately they had a shared passion to make the world better and agreed to work together to ensure PiMakers globally had the resources they needed to build their businesses. 

Fiona has a Positive Impact Mindset like us!