Traces of the World


Project type: Social enterprise

#PiMaker : Katerine Gutierrez

Traces of the World is a curated e-platform for contemporary womens fashion created for the conscious consumer. It uses a direct-to-consumer business model and hold sustainable and ethical values at our core. 

Creating contemporary clothing for the modern woman, the community of makers embraces an aesthetic that combines the local and global, urban and natural, and the modern and traditional. Their emphasis is on using raw and natural textiles, handcrafted durable materials, and eco-friendly fabrics.

Traces of the World is where global meets local, fashion meets impact and entrepreneurship meets creativity.

"It all started when a song of the soul was heard, it is a song that lives in the hearts of women, and speaks the words of weaving a new future using the threads of beauty that honour humans and the earth." ~ Katerine

How can You positively impact with Traces of the World?

Traces of the World facilitates women empowerment through fostering the entrepreneurship and creativity of indigenous artisans and small-scale designers all over the world. By using the platform, users empower this global community of makers and make a positive social, ecological, cultural and economic impact. 

If you are interested in supporting socially-conscious change makers and their projects, contact us or send us an email!