Project type: Charity

#PiMaker: Sara Codina 

"SUPerando" translates into English as overcoming or improvement and "SUP" stands for Stand-Up Paddle!

SUPerando is a small charity that combines experience with a lot of enthusiasm and desire to share magical moments and fantastic experiences with those who show us what improvement really can be. Sara makes of her entity a very special place: through her leadership, organization and enthusiasm, together with her two partners, she positively impacts the lives of those who participate in their events: children, parents and volunteers.

We, at PiMov, have lived this experience personally, and it is amazing how SUPerando's work transforms the lives of children and volunteers! It is really a charity that works with heart and transmits it to all those who participate in its events.

"There is no better paid job than this, what you charge are moments, smiles, experiences, hugs, looks ... luckily, there are still things that are not paid with money." ~ Sara

How can You positively impact with SUPerando?

If you happen to be in Barcelona, don't hesitate to contact Sara for any volunteering experience or charity support. You will absolutely love the experience and Sara will be amazed to hear from you!

If you are interested in supporting socially conscious difference makers and their projects through your expertise, contact us or send us an email!