Solar Ear


Project type: Social enterprise

#PiMaker: Howard Weinstein

"To hear again means to transform dreams into sounds, which translates into more education and work opportunities."

Mission: To lower hearing loss and its burden through the use of innovative appropriate technologies.

Howard is the creator of the Solar Ear, a social business that sells affordable hi-tech hearing aids that are invented, manufactured and distributed by people who are deaf.

He emphasizes that the key to the company’s success is that the products have been developed by the people who use them. By creating a more desirable product, one that is as aesthetic as it is functional.

“We will eliminate the stigma of wearing a hearing aid! The products they invented have been exhibited at Smithsonian and Alexander Graham Bell Museum and appeared in an article in National Geographic titled, ‘Brilliant Eco-Inventions of our Time.’ I on the other hand cannot screw in a light bulb and often joke that I do not know the difference between a decibel and Tinkerbelle."

~ Howard

How can You positively impact with Solar Ear?

Solar Ear does not sell anything to any consumers, as they may purchase the wrong product and go deaf. BUT, Howard could help any socially conscious difference maker who wants to set up a Solar Ear in his/her country create a 100% locally owned business.

If you are interested in this opportunity, contact us or send us an email.