Project type: Charity

#PiMover: Lakshman Badani

"We raise awareness about how a whole food plant based diet can positively influence our health and benefit the planet as a whole."

Mission: BeAnimal aims to create a better and brighter world for all life, where humans live in harmony with nature. A world with more peace, love and compassion- a world we'd be proud to leave to our children.

Lakshman Badami is a member of our PiMov Community (a PiMover) and a socially-conscious change maker. He’s the co-founder of BeAnimal: YOGA - SUSTAINABILITY - CONSCIOUS TRAVEL. Laksham believes that we have a fighting chance against climate change but only if we wake up today and educate ourselves. For him, education and permaculture are two areas he believes can revolutionise our impact on the planet and the way we think.

How can You positively impact with BeAnimal?

All of the profits from their tours go towards implementing nutrition education in schools across India - combined with urban agriculture initiatives and environmental education, is a tool that can save many lives both human and animal alike.