Peer 4 Peer Support: Feedback & BRAINSTORMING

Our PiMov Coffee Sessions are happening within our PiMov community. They engage the power of peer-4-peer support for feedback and brainstorming for solutions and clarity about your needs as a socially-conscious change maker.


More information about our PiMov Coffee Sessions



Emotional support: all of the PiMov Members (PiMovers) are here for you, we all want to feel supported and become successful at what we do;

Decision-making support, sharing of different point of views from other PiMovers;

Challenge you to grow beyond your perceived potential;

Accountability for what you do and your progress;

Increase revenue and profitability: brainstorming with the group how to generate revenue and increase profit to sustain your own idea or project.


Each session connects you with your like-minded peers - with each one having an allotted period to be on the hot seat.

How much does it cost?

The sessions require commitment to assist meeting to meeting (once a month). Cost is on a monthly/yearly basis and it is to be found within the PiMov community.

Who should participate?

Everyone. Our PiMov Coffee Sessions are about encouraging you, socially-conscious change makers, to connect and share resources. You’re paired up with peers relevant to your Positive Impact Making stage – all we ask is that:

  • You have positive impact mindset,

  • You are committed,

  • You have goals that you want to achieve,

  • You are willing to help and receive help,

  • You want to be held accountable, and

  • You are assisting meeting to meeting with your tasks done.

Great, I’m in! - How do I apply?

Easy! Just sign up to our PiMov community using the button below!