Are you a conscious Person?

It's time to take action and Be the Positive Impact you want to see! 

Get inspired by #PiMakers around the world and connect with like-minded others to awaken and empower your passion & purpose!

We awaken and empower your passion and purpose by connecting you with like-minded others, reinforcing your Positive Impact mindset, inspiring you to get socially involved and showing you the power of leadership with values and collaboration, because what you do is the outcome of who you are.

Do you have a passion and purpose in life?

Do you need support and funding for your social impact initiative?

Connect with #PiMakers and fellow Affiliates to improve Positive Impact and sustainability of your social impact initiative through inspiration, empowerment, co-creation and funding! 


We #PiMakers awaken, empower, connect and inspire conscious People to generate a community with Positive Impact mindset, leadership with values and social involvement.

We believe in collaboration and co-creation to exponentially increase our power of being and the Positive Impact we generate.

We believe in the power of each human being to create their own truth. Our own path defines the path of our planet.

If we integrate our values and live our purpose of being who we are and be socially involved, then we are a true and unique Positive Impact force. 

If we co-create or collaborate with others, our Positive Impact is much stronger, because: Together we are limitless!


#PiMakers manage to positively impact through their positive impact mindset, leadership with values, co-creation and collaboration actions, as well as direct involvement in social and/or environmental issues that affect them or their surrounding.

#PiMakers have distinct features that can be practiced:


We all can be #PiMakers

  • Become consciously aware: spiritually, socially and environmentally
  • Become a leader with values
  • Do what you love; find your passion & purpose
  • Have a Positive Impact mindset
  • Create a sustainable social project / business
  • Co-create with like-minded others
  • Collaborate for a common goal