You are not alone!

We are many believing in our dreams and purpose, we are many changing ourselves to create better communities and environment.



PiMov is a community created by its Members: socially-conscious change makers

  • It's a community defined by who you are and what you do; 

  • It’s a community that respects your authenticity, your project, your work; 

  • It’s a community that empowers you through inspiration, collaboration and support from others like you;

  • It’s a community created by people like you who support you emotionally in your quest of positive impact making;

  • It’s a community in which you individually grow strong because we together are limitless.


The Roundtables

Our Positive Impact Roundtables are workshops for you to throw around ideas, share experiences, to find solutions, to build your network, and get advice and support from a group of like-minded peers. Our Roundtables are all about embracing the power of peer-4-peer support and mentoring.


PiMov Coffee Sessions (Mastermind Groups)

Our sessions are held within the PiMov community. In these meetings you get feedback from fellow PiMovers (PiMov members) with the positive impact mindset you require to brainstorm for solutions and get clarity about your situation, about your needs, wants, vision, expectations… Everyone is coaching, consulting, advising each other, because we - socially-conscious change makers - need this emotional support to develop our ideas and projects into sustainable positive impact projects.


Making a Difference

At PiMov, our values form the foundation of every decision we make: Respect, Integrity, Authenticity, Humility, Honesty and Courage protect our common purpose to make positive impact in the World. We enable future Positive Impact Makers (PiMakers) by building a community of Mentors that share these values and provide you with the financial and structural support you require.

— We are currently building our community of Mentors —