Our Team

We are #PiMakers who share our passion and love with what we are and do. We invite You to join our community to get empowered, connected and inspired by People with Positive Impact mindset, leadership and projects.


We work with passion and enthusiasm to create a community of #PiMakers to positively transform the world with who they are, what they do and their Positive Impact mindset.

We believe that each of us has the power to positively impact this world by being and doing what we are. Finding your self and project this power outwards, inspires and leads link-minded others to do the same. 

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Barcelona, Spain - Miami, USA


We work at YouTooday, a social startup improving Positive Impact for a sustainable and just world for all.


Sara Codina

Our Community Builder, Fundraising & Events Manager. She's founder of SUPerando, a charity that combines enthusiasm and desire to share magical moments and fantastic experiences with those who really know how to survive in this life. 


Jeannette Meier

Our founder and CEO of YouTooday®