We are #PiMakers who share our passion and purpose with what we are and do.

We'd love you to join this community to get empowered, connected and inspired by socially conscious difference makers with Positive Impact mindset, leadership with values and sustainable social impact initiatives. 

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We work together with our Mentors (#PiMakers and Collaborators) with passion and enthusiasm to create a community of socially conscious difference makers, empowered and inspired by those already positively impacting through their purpose & passion, leadership with values, social involvement, positive impact mindset, collaboration and sustainable social impact initiatives. We call them the Positive Impact Makers (#PiMakers). 

We want social conscious difference makers to join this movement to together positively transform the world by improving Positive Impact and sustainability through our social impact initiatives that are inspired by our unique purpose and passion.

We believe that each of us has the power to positively impact this world by being and doing what we are. Having found your purpose, working together with like-minded others, learning and giving, expands this positive impact outward and in a much stronger way into our communities and ultimately, our planet.

Together we are limitless!