We connect socially-conscious change makers to co-create positive impact ideas and together reinforce positive impact projects

Collaboration is key to enable a world that is united working toward the common goal of Positive Impact Making

There’s a need to understand that co-creating enforces our ideas and projects, avoiding the misconception that these will be taken off your hands if you share: No project is the same if it is based on your purpose, because it is authentically you!

Socially-conscious projects are defined by

a. The actions that are made by the persons who lead them, by their values, passion and positive impact mindset;

b. Respecting the integrity of the communities and the members they want to support and empower;

c. The collaboration opportunities they offer to the communities and its members; and

d. The projects’ sustainable positive impact.

We promote collaboration through the implication of any socially-conscious change maker who wants to collaborate with our community

Collaborate with Us!

Below you will find different ways you as a socially-conscious change maker can collaborate with us and our planet.


You have identified a problem in your community and would love to know how to solve it

To do so, just fill in the Collaboration form below. We will list the problems you’ve shared with us, together with what our community might have identified as possible ideas or strategies to solve them. Who knows, we might find a socially-conscious change maker who would love to develop the positive impact project to solve it!

2. sharE A positive impact idea

You have an idea that you would like to develop into a socially-conscious project

To share any idea with us, we’d love for you to become part of our PiMov community. We believe that this is the best way you’d be getting value out of it. You’d be inspired and supported to enhance your concept into a positive impact project.

3. proposE strategies to reinforce ANY OF OUR COMMUNITY’s Positive impact projects

You’ve read about our community’s positive impact projects and you’d like to propose strategies to support them in becoming sustainable socially-conscious organizations

To do so, just fill in the Collaboration form below with your proposal or join our community to collaborate and support us directly. We’d be happy to have you with us!

Collaboration Form

Name *
PROBLEM: Indicate the problem you've identified and how and why it affects the community/environment. IDEA: Specify the positive impact idea you have and which problem it would solve. Please specify how and why it affects the community/environment. STRATEGY: Indicate the name of the Positive Impact Project and your proposal. Please include why you think it would improve the project's goal and sustainability.
Field of Work *
Please select the field of work of your collaborative input
Population *
Please select the Population you are tackling with your collaborative input