We seek Mentors


"A team is not a group of people who work together, a team is a group of people who trust each other"

~ Simon Sinek ~

We seek Mentors to advise and work with our Members globally over a range of topics including strategic advice, finance, marketing, IT, funding, communication, personal coaching and others.

Our energy gets multiplied by thousands if we get together to collaborate: Together we are limitless!

What is the difference between mentoring for PiMov and typical business mentoring?

At PiMov, our values form the foundation of every decision we make: Respect, Integrity, Authenticity, Humility, Honesty and Courage protect our common purpose to make positive impact in the world.

We want to enable Positive Impact Makers by building a community of Mentors that share these values. Building for-profit sustainable organisations is the long-term way to deal with society’s challenges and requires a deep understanding of the unique trials these businesses face. To help that process requires a certain type of Mentor.

Our Mentors exhibit the right combination of business acumen, the willingness to “do the right thing” and passion to deliver change. Shorter term profit may need to be overlooked to ensure the ethos of each venture is preserved. As a Mentor, you will have the skill, patience, a values-driven and positive impact mindset to support each of our members as they make the tough decisions to build their initiatives with the correct values and a longer-term goal of sustainability.  

If this resonates with you - Mentoring for future #PiMakers will allow you to use your existing skills to inspire others and collaborate to build a better society!

How to apply?

There is a 2 step application process. Firstly, please fill out the form (button below) and secondly, please submit a CV and Cover Letter to info@pimov.org stating your reasons for applying.

As part of internal audit requirements we adhere to – mentor appointments are reviewed annually. On average – the time commitment is 4 hours a month. 

Although head-quartered in Barcelona, we are a location-independent organisation. #PiMakers and Mentors are located globally and most meetings take place via Zoom. 

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