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Conscious people need empowerment, inspiration and connection with like-minded others and #PiMakers to reinforce their capacity to positively impact through who they are and what they do (initiatives, projects and/or companies). 

What do you get?

You'll get support and empowerment, because positive impact mindset, social implication, collaboration and passion in what a Person does are key to positively impact your surrounding and ultimately, our planet:

  •  Co-create a movement of Positive Impact
  •  Know about #PiMakers’ initiatives and get inspired
  •  Know about events, workshops and trainings happening in our community
  •  Join any event, workshop or training with discount rates
  •  Get products / services with special rates from our affiliated #PiMakers
  •  Know about collaboration opportunities 
  •  Get connected to other like-minded people

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We are a global community of #PiMakers designed to empower, connect and inspire conscious People around the globe to increase Positive Impact.


Our future relies in our responsibility towards our society and the environment