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Fernando Botelho #PiCreator - Positive Impact Mindset to create affordable talking computer for the blind

Fernando Botelho co-founder of F123, a social enterprise that has created the most affordable talking computer for the blind is a social entrepreneur with an amazing Positive Impact Mindset #PiMindset. Fernando, blind himself, leads this technological movement by developing accessible open source software for blind people by his team of visually impaired people. Fernando is committed to foster a positive impact around the world for the lives of others like him.

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Bea Grubenthal #PiMover - Empowering people to do what they love and to create positive impact

Bea Grubenthal is a Member (PiMover) of our PiMov Community. Bea lives from the heart, positively impacting through the realisation of her passion about sports, travel, languages, people and cultures. Through her own example, she empowers and inspires people to do what they love and to create positive impact.

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Lakshman Badami #PiMover - Co-Founder of BeAnimal

Lakshman Badami is a member of our PiMov Community and a socially-conscious entrepreneur. He’s the co-founder of BeAnimal: YOGA - SUSTAINABILITY - CONSCIOUS TRAVEL. Laksham believes that we have a fighting chance against climate change but only if we wake up today and educate ourselves. For him, education and permaculture are two areas he believes can revolutionise our impact on the planet and the way we think.

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