Rianne Klein Geltink #PiMaker - a Warrior, a Giver, a Maker


Rianne Klein Geltink is an amazing woman with lots of power in her heart, and she happens to be a #PiMaker! Rianne has a corporate background, with almost 2 decades of experience. She felt the need to start over and create a business with value. She co-founded The Impact Business Base, an online base community supporting and empowering social entrepreneurs to grow their businesses towards "making a dollar AND a difference." 

We've got to know Rianne through Social Change Nation's bootcamp, which is lead by another revolutionary warrior Joshua Schukman. Through him, we met her: she's a fighter, a giver, a maker! Following her authenticity, Rianne has made the interview with a video, preparing the ground for future interviews.

Below are our questions to her, which are followed by her video.  


"I wanted to see a world where we did more than just making money"

How did you come to do what you do? What’s your personal background story?

How are you positively impacting your society and environment?

What's your dream, your vision?

Have you found your meaning and purpose in life? Why?


"Every day I live my purpose, I get to support Social Entrepreneurs who want to do Good"


"Start digging deep, what is it that you want? Take inspired actions every single day"