Bea Grubenthal #PiMover - Empowering people to do what they love and to create positive impact


Bea Grubenthal is a Member (PiMover) of our PiMov Community. Bea lives from the heart, positively impacting through the realisation of her passion about sports, travel, languages, people and cultures. Through her own example, she empowers and inspires people to do what they love and to create positive impact.

We’ve been following Bea on Instagram since her line of thinking and action is aligned to our vision and purpose. She too believes in the Power of Being (the freedom to be who you are and to create what you love) to positively impact the world. We’re excited that she is part of the movement and that she shares her work within the community.

How did you come to do what you do? What’s your personal background story?


In 2017 I started living as a digital nomad in the sports and media industry, traveling the whole world. After many years of studies, hard work and corporate office jobs, I decided to put myself and my interests first, which back then meant more travels and learning a new language, Spanish. And that’s when many people in my global network became really curious and wanted to know more about my life. So I was invited to speak at several events and universities to talk about my life choices and working remotely. 


"From realizing my own passion to sharing tools and mindsets how other people can do the same. And do good."

After I held my first talks I realized: I am not talking about my professional life. I am talking about a positive mindset, decision-making, opportunities, getting to know and understand the world, realizing that we are not alone, that we have a responsibility to do good… and that’s when my perspective, aim, talks and projects changed. From realizing my own passion (sports, travel, languages, people, cultures) to sharing tools and mindsets how other people can do the same. And do good.

Now, I inspire and motivate people to do what they love and create a positive impact through my website ( and Social Media channels (@bea.grubenthal on Instagram and @BEAGreatImpact on Facebook). It comes with the right mindset and looking to help others instead of focusing on helping ourselves.

I have a background in digital marketing and communications in the sports, event, lifestyle, media industry. I still run an agency ( next to giving workshops, lectures and 1:1 coachings. 


How do you feel you are positively impacting your society and environment?


"The thing with these positive impacts is: they don’t always have to happen “consciously”"

In many ways. I always try to leave a positive footprint behind.

My aim now is to help people understand that it’s easy to create positive impacts - and give them the tools to find out where they can start.

The thing with these positive impacts is: they don’t always have to happen “consciously”, sometimes we create positive impacts without even knowing it. A good example would be my first guest lecture at university, when I thought I was talking about digital nomadism, but actually I was proposing a more conscious, happy, self-responsible lifestyle. I got enormous feedback, that’s how I realized I positively impacted these people without even planning it.

Often, positive impacts can be related back to what is perceived as being brave: Being brave to do what is true to yourself without thinking about what others might think about it… That’s positive impacts on a very personal level.

If you want more concrete examples that are easy to grasp and reproduce: Not using plastic bags, making people rethink their behavior. Being kind, helping out. Thinking of others first. Opening doors. Sharing a smile. Taking time. Being respectful.


"My dream is for everyone to realize that we are able to create change every day."

What's your dream, your vision?

My dream is for everyone to realize that we are able to create change every day. And to be kind to one another. Share, give, support each other.

My dream is to create impact entrepreneurs. I believe there is an entrepreneur in all of us. And that’s because I very much agree with Richard Branson’s definition: Being an entrepreneur simply means being someone who wants to make a difference to other people’s lives. Why? Because entrepreneurship can be understood as happiness maximizing behavior - for the person who is creating the change, but also for everyone who is affected by it.


Do you feel you have found your meaning and purpose in life? Why?

Ever since I started telling my life story and supporting others in making their dreams come true. It came to me. It was not a conscious decision. I just followed opportunities that sounded interesting, listened more to what I really want to do, and then I had my first life‐changing moment when people came up to me after a guest lecture telling me how inspiring my talk was for them. That's when I realized: I can impact other people by telling them my story, helping them getting on the same path.

I find positive impacts wherever I go and I invite my network from more than 50 countries to become a part of this movement. And share their stories of positive impacts to serve as role models for people who want to share their positive impacts with the world.

What does being a socially-conscious individual mean to you? And, why did you join the PiMov movement?


"I joined PiMov to experience what a bunch of like-minded people can achieve.."

Being and acting socially‐conscious to me means that I am aware that all of my actions have a consequence (good or bad) and that I am striving to always create improvements for the greater good. Not for myself. Being kind, putting others first. And that's why I am interested to join this community and learn from each single individual. To experience what a bunch of like‐minded people can achieve. 

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