Kamal Ravikant - Love yourself; Life is FOR you


Kamal Ravikant is an author and entrepreneur (and a PiMaker!) who has learned to love himself above all and to understand that all what happens in life is meant FOR you. He is a believer and an example that you have to focus on yourself, on who you are, and express your self to the world to create an amazing outcome for You.


“The real Prize is who you become in the process”

Kamal is the founder and a partner of Evolve VC and the author of the books: “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It”, “Live your Truth” and “Rebirth: A Fable of Love, Forgiveness, and Following Your Heart”. Kamel is a self made entrepreneur, who moved to Sillicon Valley to start up his future by being surrounded by fellow peers and learning from them.

For Kamal, life is made FOR you. This attitude toward life has shown him that key thing in life is that we are the effort, we are never the outcome:

“Focus on yourself, on who you are, expressing your self to the world, then the outcome is far better than what you gonna fight for. The real Prize is who you become in the process.”

Kamal learned this through his experience as an entrepreneur; At one point in time, he lost everything, money, friends, etc and being attached to his ego, he almost lost himself, too. One day he woke up and committed to “Love himself” above all. Changing his attitude brought him out of his misery; he started to act differently and discovered that his life started getting better. He wrote and self-published his first book to help others, with the surprise that it became a best sold self help book in Amazon in a few weeks. As he defines it, because he put a piece of his heart in every word, anybody can do it.

Kamal shares with us how to become your true self and being fulfilled by it:

  1. Be a pure expression of yourself

  2. Give your all - be your best friend!

  3. Whatever you create, put it out to the world - when you give your full self, the world gives you so much!

  4. Let go of the outcome - you are the effort, you are never the outcome.

For us, Kamal is a PiMaker, a conscious human-being who with humbleness and honesty shares his experience to help others. He changes the world through his own change; He follows his heart and creates with love, paving the way for others to follow through his own example. He has learned to become by doing. This is what we call the Power of Being: the freedom to be who you are and to create with love. Thanks Kamal!

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