Gregg Braden - Empowering humanity through science and spirituality to awaken our Power of Being


Gregg Braden, a New York Times best-selling author, is a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. Gregg, is a PiMaker who through his Gaia series "Missing Links" teaches, empowers and awakens us to become the powerful beings that we are. 


"We have an inner technology that reminds us of the wisdom that lives among us."

Gregg Braden is known to be a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality, and not only that, he lives by sharing his knowledge to humanity. He inspires us through his teachings and passion for what he does. 

Gregg wants us all to understand the latest science discoveries and how these connect through our spirituality and how they positively affect our existence. He highlights that we are powerful beings entirely capable to define our new world by our own.


“Our world around us is a mirror of the beliefs that we harbour from within.”

We are currently living a time of extremes, when the natural economic, human-conflict and climate cycles are colliding simultaneously. Gregg deeply believes that we, human-beings, are able to overcome this situation by understanding who we are to change our thoughts and actions. New science discoveries back up his believe, which he shares with us through his books and Gaia series "Missing Links". He is passionate that we understand and take action to become the powerful beings that we are. He explains through science the abilities and tools we have to heal ourselves and to positively affect our environment. Hence, to positively impact our now, our future and the world that surrounds us, creating the new world.

Gregg is a PiMaker who inspires us through his example and passion. He lives up to change the world through his own change, his teachings and actions. He empowers us to ditch away our old believe systems and embrace the new science, which awakens our Power of Being, reinforcing our oneness through our heart-brain coherence and together, through our nature of cooperation, generating a powerful positive energy capable of transforming our world. 

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