: to work jointly with others.

We believe that coming together and working toward the common goal of Positive Impact Making, reinforces our individual purpose and the way we work. Co-creation is a natural outcome of our positive impact and socially-conscious mindset. #powerofbeing #togetherwearelimitless


 We are an organic movement co-created by socially-conscious change makers who are changing the world through our selves: socially-consciously working from our inner world to the outside world.

You are powerful by being who you are and limitless by getting together with like-minded others to co-create; an unstoppable force of positive impact making!

Co-creating positive impact in society requires the capacity to live in integrity with our own selves and to then infuse this integrity through our projects. As we align our integrity from the inside out, we become increasingly resilient, collaborative, and able to take courageous action for positive sustainable impact.

Join our COLLABORATIVE community to together co-create this movement through empowerment, mutual inspiration, support and collaboration


 The Movement’s Community : PiMov

We are a peer-4-peer community created by socially-conscious change makers sharing our dreams and vision to inspire and support each other through our authenticity, purpose and co-creation for the common goal of positive impact making.


What if the degree of your impact depends on your capacity to evolve your own self?

Get empowered and thrive as a resilient and courageous leader: You are not alone!

the Positive Impact Movement and Zone14 are focused on empowering you to develop the capacity to be resilient, collaborative and take courageous action to facilitate the impact you live for.

PiMov is the collaborative community to access your potential allowing you to collaborate in an evolutionary co-creation towards positive impact.

We integrate this innovative and evolutive coaching model into our community for you to evolve with us in the spiralling quest of positive impact making. We believe that anything we create is the outcome of who we are.

Join the PiMov community to get empowered through the Zone14’s 7 ROOTS OF POTENTIAL™ model.


We activate the Principle of Evolution in everything we do

We give into the community content that potentiates each of our members to become Positive Impact Makers and we receive from the community through their evolution. We feed back into the strategy, methodology and content to continue nourishing and evolving together through authenticity, purpose and collaboration, generating the positive impact spiral of evolution.


Become part of this revolutionary positive impact spiral of evolution by joining us!