Support us in developing future Positive Impact Makers around the globe!

We are a unique movement of socially-conscious individuals and entrepreneurs dealing with societal and environmental needs through our own change, supporting each other and collaborating for the common goal of Positive Impact.

“There's a great need of support when creating a positive impact project. Entrepreneurship is a lonely vocation, especially at its early stage and when dealing with projects that are aligned to our purpose. Demanding that we work within a traditional system is a contradiction.

I learned that first hand developing my own social enterprise. There are thousands like me.

Our positive impact mindset, leadership with values, beliefs and purpose are important to create impactful and successful businesses. 

I see in 5 years’ time a force of positive impact making that grows by each of the members, through their values, beliefs and projects. I see a community supporting each other and confirming the value of collaborating for the common goal of positive impact.

By supporting the people behind the ideas, projects and work, PiMov sustains and reinforces their efforts and positive impact. For every socially-conscious entrepreneur we work with, we indirectly positively impact their target population.”

Benefits of Sponsoring

  • You are supporting a unique movement of values and purpose created by socially-conscious individuals and entrepreneurs collaborating together for the common goal of positive Impact.

  • You are addressing Positive Impact through the empowerment and support of socially-conscious individuals and entrepreneurs.


We integrate our 3-stage Model Framework into our Community

We collaborate with our Members and Partners, to provide socially-conscious individuals and entrepreneurs with emotional, financial and structural support to build sustainable social enterprises. We support them in becoming Positive Impact Makers: