Do you have a passion and purpose in life? Do you have a positive impact initiative?

Are you looking for empowerment, support and funding?

Become an Affiliate

Be part of this global community of #PiMakers, who together with fellow Affiliates, empowers, co-creates and offers participation in self-funding communities for individuals following their purpose and passion to create social impact initiatives. 

To apply as an Affiliate you need to comply with certain conditions:

  • An Affiliate or #PiMaker has invited you to join
  • You understand what a #PiMaker is
  • You are a conscious human-being: spiritually, socially & environmentally
  • You have a passion & purpose in life
  • You are developing a social impact initiative
  • You agree to share information about you & your initiative
  • You agree to empower & support people through our community 
  • You agree to offer discounts & collaboration opportunities for Members, Affiliates and #PiMakers
  • You agree to pay a monthly fee of 5€ for community management
  • Submit the contact for below!

What do you get?

  • Pertain to a community of #PiMakers and Affiliates who together reinforce People's capacity to positively impact.
  • Connect with like-minded others to get empowered, co-create and self-fund social impact initiatives, including yours.
  • Get contacted or contact #PiMakers for mentoring opportunities.
  • Support and inspire others with who you are and what you do.
  • Increase the visibility and exposure of your social impact initiative.
  • Get support in communicating and disseminating information:
    • share about you and your initiative within the community
    • share your articles on our blog to promote yourself and your initiative
    • sell your products and services through our community

Should you have been invited to join our community, we'd be happy to hear about it!

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Affiliates are conscious human-beings following their purpose and passion to create their social impact initiative.


Affiliates are to-be #PiMakers

Conscious human-beings who have found their passion and purpose and want to reinforce their social impact initiative