About Us


We are a community of #PiMakers designed to empower, connect and inspire conscious People to increase Positive Impact.

We are a community created by People #PiMakers for People.


Our Purpose

Empower, connect and inspire conscious people to increase Positive Impact for a just and peaceful Planet for all.


Our Value Proposition

We empower our members through the knowledge of their self and development of their Positive Impact mindset, leadership with values and Positive Impact initiatives.

We promote collaboration & co-creation between affiliated #PiMakers and our members.

We connect like-minded people (members) and inspire them to increase Positive Impact through what they are and do.

Our Vision


We all have the ability to find ourselves: to be who we are and to do what we love. Our truth, which is in each of us, increases the respect for ourselves and for others.

Our projects become our life mission. We work with passion to move mountains. We positively touch the lives of others through our own truth and the way we perceive life and humanity.

We are passion, enthusiasm and inspiration and a driving force for positive energy and impact in this world. We are example and inspiration to others to find their own path and their passion for life, transforming this world into a sustainable and just world for all. 


Our Story

  Jeannette Meier  - Founder

Jeannette Meier - Founder

PiMov.org is the movement of Positive Impact propelled by YouTooday
I had been trying to give birth to an idea that could have a positive impact on people and our society and environment. I felt the need to create an universal movement to generate this positive change, but did not know where and how to start.
I've changed my life completely some years ago and started over from scratch in a new country and city. I understood that if we want to change something, we have to start with ourselves. Life can be as complicated as we want, but it's very simple. And moreover, we must hear and trust our own voice, which is our inner wisdom and place to be. No one will guide us better than ourselves.
I always believed in the strength and positive energy that we have each of us, human beings. I believe in the ability of growth that is in us. I believe in life and what we are and what unites us. I believe in giving, sharing to grow together in an even stronger way. 
I kept searching for my project based on my truth and my purpose. I've been travelling on my path, from my inner world to the outer world, defining YouTooday in different ways to fit my truth and the positive impact I wanted for this world. I finally found the PiMov.org: a People-Inspiration movement.

We know that our projects evolve as we evolve: what we do is the outcome of who we are

PiMov.org is about people and their path of empowerment, it is about them finding themselves and positively impacting on their society and environment through what they are and what they do: their positive impact mindset, social implication, collaboration and passion in what they do.
PiMov.org would have not existed if I wouldn't have experienced all I've lived up until now. It wouldn't exist if I wouldn't have found my #PiMakers team with their Positive Impact mindset and together have created what we have up until now. 
We are committed to generate this Positive Impact mindset in our community to empower, connect and inspire and work with greater Positive Impact, strength and gratitude. 
  Jeannette Meier , Founder